6 Ways To Build Brand Authority With Content Marketing

6 Ways to Build Brand Authority With Content Marketing. learn how to increase your Brand Authority in easy ways.

6 Ways To Build Brand Authority With Content Marketing
6 Ways To Build Brand Authority With Content Marketing

6 Ways To Build Brand Authority With Content Marketing

1. Answer your audience’s questions:

If you’re not doing this, there’s virtually no way you’ll become an authority. People grow to rely on brands when those brands provide the information they’re looking for, so if your content marketing doesn’t incorporate those answers, you’re not demonstrating to your audience why they should trust you.

2. Create newsworthy reports:

One of the best ways to demonstrate your authority is to show your continued interest in unearthing new information and insights. You can do this by prioritizing original research. When you create your own studies, surveys, and reports based on new data or unveiling new insights, you not only provide value to readers, but also have something you can pitch to the media.

3. Utilize the authority of experts:

Some brands are built entirely around a particular persona, like Steve Jobs with Apple, but those examples can intimidate people. Smaller companies and newer companies alike can benefit from a similar strategy if they have subject matter experts (or SMEs) who can show their authority.

4. Highlight reviews and case studies:

There are dozens of types of authority signals, from testimonials to reviews to social media share counts. The key is identifying which ones make sense to highlight for your products or services and figuring out the best placement for them.

5. Associate with other brands:

If you align with other brands you respect and that are doing right by their customers/users, some of that same trust may transfer to you if that company’s respect is reciprocated. Additionally, if you collaborate, you’re getting your brand name in front of a new audience.

6. Give away some of your secrets:

This can be scary for a lot of marketers and especially for the C-suite. Why should you give away what makes you great? It’s a valid question, and it won’t always apply. But in some cases, especially for service-based businesses, sharing information and breaking down exactly how you achieve that greatness can actually build trust.