6 Tips To Improve Brand Continuity On Social Media

How To Improving Brand Continuity On Social Media. Here Top 6 Tips to Improve Brand Continuity on Social Media

6 Tips To Improve Brand Continuity On Social Media
6 Tips To Improve Brand Continuity On Social Media

6 Tips To Improve Brand Continuity On Social Media

1. Design a Top-Notch Logo

A company logo is much more than just a beautiful icon and brand name slapped with it. A logo represents what the company is all about – its mission, values, and guiding principles.

2. Build a Brand Identity

The way you respond to comments, the kind of content you create, and the tone you pick for your communication – all these things shape your brand personality and identity.

3. Use Slogan/TaglineUse Slogan/Tagline

Many big brands in the world have catchy taglines. Nike has “Just do it” and Apple has “Think Different”. The reason why they continue to use these slogans is that they work! But also, because they reflect the core beliefs and purpose of the brands using them.

4. Create a Well-Defined Brand Book

One of the most important steps for brand continuity, when you start, is to create a clear and comprehensive brand book. It should define the fonts, colors, image styles, etc. that you will use. It should also provide a visual template for your social media posts. Consistency is the key.

5. Establish Your Brand Voice

Brand voice is another thing that you absolutely can’t ignore if you want your social media branding efforts to succeed. All popular social media accounts have different voices. Some accounts share encouraging and motivational content, while others focus on humor and wit. Find your brand style, personality, and show it through your content. You can study other popular accounts to understand how it works.

6. Monitor and Measure Your Results

You can’t verify if an approach or strategy is working unless you monitor your efforts. If you want to improve brand continuity, then you need to track the performance. For instance, when you do your next social media audit, add a section on brand continuity.