5 Tips For Your Social Media Marketing Strategy

Tips for your social media marketing strategy

5 Tips For Your Social Media Marketing Strategy
5 Tips For Your Social Media Marketing Strategy

5 Tips For Your Social Media Marketing Strategy

1. Turn Your Data Into Timely Charts

Every company has data or they can easily collect interesting data. Look for opportunities to use your data as a visual story. Chat about a recent news item or something timely and on your customer's mind can generate high engagement and press mentions.

2. Use BCC For Content Inspiration

Blogging or creating videos around commonly asked questions is a great strategy for content marketing. Having this content ready for when your customers search for it online can create real business value. 

3. Get On The Front Page of SlideShare

Slideshare might be the most underutilized social network available to the modern social marketer. Most people simply never try to get on the front page of Slideshare. the number of eyeballs and potential leads you can generate is well worth it.

4. Blast More Content in More Places

The numbers and how hard it is to get real reach on social networks today, that more businesses should be publishing the same message to many more social networks. Traditional wisdom is to take a more tailored approach. Only take part on social networks where you have time to create quality engagement. And on those social networks create custom content for each channel. 

5. Separate Community From Marketing

Building and engaging a community in support of your business is an intimidating task. But it can be core to your ultimate success as a business. that businesses need mentally separate tasks associated with marketing and tasks associated with the community. Marketing is everything up until you bring the customer or user through the door and community is everything after.